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Carpet Cleaning Abu Dhabi is one of the best cleaning company for carpet cleaning. For decades, we are serving this domain successfully and that’s what makes us the best carpet cleaning company Abu Dhabi . Carpets are the ornaments of your floors. They make the floors look beautiful and vibrant. But the fabric of the carpet tends to collect all the dust mites, dirt, pollutants easily. That’s why it is important to clean the carpets on time.

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First Power cleaning services professionals use unique techniques to clean your carpets. We do not believe in rough brushing techniques of carpet cleaning. Instead. Also we think that the hot water extraction method works well. We mix hot water with cleaning solutions and put it on the carpet, then extract the dirt from the same. In this method, the carpet gets dried faster since most of the moisture is extracted before. Moreover we use truck mounted vacuum system to suck most of the moisture from the carpet. But if you feel it is still a little damp, then you can dry it completely by switching on your fan or AC.

Our range of services include carpets & upholstery cleaning, rugs cleaning, windows cleaning, curtains cleaning, domestic fans and flats cleaning in the residential sectors and also communal area cleaning, pubs and restaurants cleaning, carpets cleaning and windows cleaning in the commercial sectors.

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We are one of the best carpet cleaning companies and the best carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. Cleaning becomes easier with us because we are swift, affordable and customer friendly. We provide our customers high quality cleaning services. Our customer service team is always available 24×7 to assist you.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers with quality carpet cleaning. We provide carpet cleaning services at an affordable price and thoroughly clean your carpets by removing all kinds of dust and dirt particles from the carpet. We guarantee a 24/7 cleaning service to our customers with highly trained technicians. They are never subcontracted and are professionally screened.

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