Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services



Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services is one of very important and can not be neglected. Beauty of the house is related to cleaning the floors. Which made us interested in this service and the use of materials and machines necessary for that. It can be difficult for a housewife to do this hard work.

An effective floor cleaning must remove contamination, thus, reducing the risk of slip incidences. Incorrect cleaning leads to building up of contamination, and as a result, it makes the floors more slippery. Apart from this, a shiny floor adds lustre to a room. 

We know that you love to keep your floors shiny and glossy. but the dusty weather in Abu Dhabi doesn’t allow you to keep them that way. 

For keeping your floor clean and shiny, you need the help of house/office cleaning services Abu Dhabi, firms provide. 

Our floor cleaning experts can guide you whether your floor needs deep cleaning or vacuuming.

Further, our maids are expert in vacuuming, cleaning and mopping floors. 

They know how to maintain the crystallized or polished floors by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping them carefully. 

Vacuum cleaning is required when there is light dust on the floor. But for deep cleaning of the floor, our maids use steam cleaning equipment.

We offer excellent office cleaning services Abu Dhabi, along with residential cleaning, based on specialist knowledge. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with the top quality cleaning with best equipment and provide them fast. and friendly services for both their commercial as well as residential requests that are within our service area. They are quick and professional and they are well trained by the professional cleaning experts of our company.

So call us today and book our maids for your home cleaning services Abu Dhabi.

Remove Carpet Glue and Floor Cleaning

Remove Carpet Glue and Floor Cleaning

Many suffer when they need to remove the carpet glue from the floors, because of its strong adhesion to the floors.

So they spend a lot of effort and money and in the end the glue is not completely removed. which makes the flooring look very bad, which makes the people of the house resort to thinking about leaving the house And replace it with another house. but we at the First power cleaning services, the floor cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, take this trouble away from you and save you a lot of effort and money. 

Our team uses the materials and equipment necessary for that, which makes it easy and the glue is removed from the floors. which made many Our clients feel psychological comfort as if the house has become new.

Also our team performs the restoration and repair of marble defects, and also grinding and polishing for the marble. Our company do marble polishing in Abu Dhabi.

How does our team remove carpet glue?

The first stage: A carpet removal substance is placed on the place of the glue and left for a short time to interact with the gel.

The second stage: The scoop is used to remove the glue after it has been dissolved with the degumming material.

The third stage: The pads are used with the degumming agent again, making sure that it has been removed well.

Fourth stage: The large brooch machine is used and the floors are polished with the use of the materials needed for that.

The fifth stage: It is confirmed once again that there are no longer any traces of glue in the floors.

Sixth stage: The floors are sterilized using sterile materials.

Seventh stage: The floors are dried with towels.

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